Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Registration is Here!!

That's right my friends, registration for WRR 2013 at Bent-con is up!! For those wanting to sell their wares, (books, covers, photos, pub houses, etc.), click the Exhibitors link. For all those just wanting to go and have a good time, click the Registration link. We will have more for those wanting to attend and/or be a part of the discussion panels as well as the cover model contest and ball at a later date. So come on by and be a part of the first Writers, Romance, & Rainbows Book Fair!! It's going to be EPIC!!
Link ~ 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Prices for Bent-con & WRR 2013

      The links won't be ready till March 4th, but here are the prices so everyone can start getting ready. And as you can see, these prices are a steal!! Also, the only thing extra to pay for is the Cover Model Contest & Formal Ball. But there is only one price for both. The date has been set as well. November 8th - 10th. We'll have the hotel rates as soon as we get them. Hope to see everyone there!!


These are for those who are going in a fan, reader, etc. capacity.

Weekend Tickets:

$40 early special ($20 a day)

$50 standard online ($25 a day)

$60 at the door ($30 a day)

These are the times when the event will be held. A more detailed time frame for events will come later as well as the new dates.

Friday 3:00pm - 2am

Saturday Noon -2am

Sunday Noon - 6pm


Booth/Table Options:

 Each Artist Table is a standard 6’ long (black skirted) table that comes with 2 banquet chairs. 

 Each Booth is an 8′ x 10′ space, consisting of an 8′ high black back-wall and 3′ high black side-drape with one, 6′ black skirted table, 2 banquet chairs and one small waste basket.

 Each Double Booth is an 8′ x 20′ space, consisting of two 8′ high black back-walls and 3′ high black side-drape with two, 6′ black skirted table, 4 banquet chairs and two small waste baskets.

 *Premium Booth Space

Early Registration: March 4th - July 31st, 2013

Artist Table - $175.00

Single Booth - $325.00

Premium Single Booth - $375.00

Double-Booth - $600.00

Premium Double-Booth - $650.00

The table fee includes two weekend badges and the sellers permit.  

Seller's Permit & Itinerant Merchant Permit:


Exhibitors at Bent-Con must provide show management with a BOE-410-D swap meet, flea market, or special events certification. If you will be conducting selling during the event you must also provide a valid CA Permanent/Temporary Seller's Permit. If you set up without a valid BOE-410-D form or provide Bent-Con with an invalid number, all fines incurred will be passing on to you, the exhibitor. The BOE-410-D form must be received by the first day of Exhibitor floor hours.  These forms will be provided.


Burbank Itinerant Merchant Permit:


Because the festival is happening in the City of Burbank, Exhibitors who are selling merchandise must also hold an Itinerant Merchant Permit for every day they will be selling during the festival.

Although both forms are required, there is no additional fee associated with either form. These forms will be provided.


Cover Model Contest & Formal Ball for WRR 2013:


A fee of $50 will cover both events.