Panel Overview

Writers, Romance and Rainbows 2013 (WRR 2013) plans to have some great panels for writers, readers and publishers. This is an over view. Panels may be added or changed over time. As the dates draw closer, each panel will have it's own page with details of the discussion points and bios of the panelists. If you are interested in becoming a panelist or have an idea for a panel, please contact the WRR 2013's coordinators in the CONTACT section of the menu.

E-Pubs ~ How they've grown & where they're going in the future.
Cover Art ~ Your book is done; now you need a cover. Where to start?
Q & A ~ Why Gay Romance?
Self-Pub vs. Traditional Pub ~ The how's & why's.
Marketing & Promo ~ How do I get my work out there?
Social Media ~ Is it worth it?
Websites & Blogs ~ Keeping the masses informed.
Put a Little Kink in your Gay Romance ~ A discussion about BDSM in Gay Romance.
These aren't Your Momma's Romances ~ How Gay romance has grown over the years.
Flamers, Twinks, & Bears. Oh, My! ~ Writing Stereotypes.
Writing Yaoi ~ What it is and how it fits in mainstream Gay Romance.
Poetry and the GLBT market.
Poetry Reading corner.