Friday, August 23, 2013

Panel Discussions & Workshop

The application for Panels is ready!! That's right my friends!! If there is a panel you would like to be a part of or moderate, then please fill out the form and get it back to Kimberly or Deborah no later than 10/1/2013. The list and link are also at our GR and FB page.

Panel Application

E-Pubs ~ How they've grown & where they're going in the future.

Cover Art ~ Your book is done; now you need a cover. Where to start?

Q & A ~ Why Gay Romance?

Self-Pub vs. Traditional Pub ~ The how's & why's.

Marketing & Promo ~ How do I get my work out there?

Social Media ~ Is it worth it?

Websites & Blogs ~ Keeping the masses informed.

Put a Little Kink in your Gay Romance ~ A discussion about BDSM in Gay Romance.

These aren't Your Momma's Romances ~ How Gay romance has grown over the years.

Flamers, Twinks, & Bears. Oh, My! ~ Writing Stereotypes.

Writing Yaoi ~ What it is and how it fits in mainstream Gay Romance.

Poetry and the GLBT market.

Poetry Reading corner.

Frugal Promo ~ How to create great promo items when you're nearly broke. (This will be a workshop done by Kimberly Hunter)    

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