Sunday, January 13, 2013


If you are a pubbed author, publishing house, cover artist, editor, GLBT book group, GLBT review site, etc. Then this is for you. On December 6 – 8, 2013, there will be a GLBT Book Fair called ‘Writers, Romance, & Rainbows’ at Bent-con in Los Angeles. During these three days, there will be a cover model contest, a formal ball, panel discussions, a book signing, and a chance to meet, greet, and get your work out there to another audience.

For those who aren’t familiar with Bent-con, it has been described as the ‘Gay comic-con’. But it’s so much more than that. This con gathers together those LGBT individuals in the Arts & Entertainment Industry and gives them a chance to showcase, sell, and discuss their work. To be among like-minded individuals in a safe and fun environment. It’s also a chance to speak with fans, those who are curious, and even those wanting to get into the business.

For those who are familiar with Bent-con, this would be a golden opportunity to introduce your work to another audience. To talk about the genre, network, or just enjoy being surrounded by those who share your love of the craft.

Further details will be coming soon and registration will be on a first come first serve basis. An announcement will go out when registration is up. But if interested now, or just have question, please contact myself, Kimberly Hunter, or Deborah L. Warner here. These will be the panel discussions for those who want to participate:
E-Pubs ~ How they've grown & where they're going in the future.
Cover Art ~ Your book is done; now you need a cover. Where to start.
Q & A ~ Why Gay Romance?
Self-Pub vs. Traditional Pub ~ The how's & why's.
Marketing & Promo ~ How do I get my work out there?
Social Media ~ Is it worth it?
Websites & Blogs ~ Keeping the masses informed.
Put a Little Kink in your Gay Romance ~ A discussion about BDSM in Gay Romance.
These aren't Your Momma's Romances ~ How Gay romance has grown over the years.
Flamers, Twinks, & Bears. Oh, My! ~ Writing Stereotypes.
Writing Yaoi ~ How it fits in mainstream Gay Romance.
          There are also a Facebook page and Twitter page for those who want to stop by. Here are the links:
            I also have the Bent-con web page link as well. It hasn't been updated yet, so keep stopping by.
Thank you for your time and we hope to see you there.

Kimberly Hunter

Deborah L. Warner


  1. This sounds fun, fabulous and incredibly informative. "Flamers, Twinks, & Bears. Oh my!" What more can one say, lol

  2. Yeah, thought that would reel in the curious. ;)

  3. This sounds very interesting. I would actually love to participate on a panel. I will most likely be attending, and am looking forward to this opportunity to mingle with those of like mind. I'm a Gay Erotic Romance author and reader as well. I will be watching for the registration information!